Smart Assistant
for ChatGPT


An amazing browser assistant that leverages the power of ChatGPT to help you complete everyday tasks.

Available For

Anytime Anywhere

You don't need to copy and paste; you can open Checkget from any website by pressing ⌘+K (Mac) / Alt+K (Windows), saving you a lot of valuable time.

Smart or Smarter

Thanks to the AI boost, it can automatically recognize different scenarios, whether you're replying to an email or explaining code. Just select the text and press Command/Alt+K, and it will do the rest.

Powerful or More Powerful

It can answer any question, find any information, explain anything. It can summarize, translate, fix spelling or grammatical errors, make text longer or shorter, rephrase it, and even change the tone of voice.

Easy switch between styles.

Dark mode

A dark theme that feels easier on the eyes.

Privacy and Security, Local Mode

Everything you send is encrypted, and only you and ChatGPT know its contents. If you're still worried, you can choose the local mode, which communicates directly with ChatGPT after setting ApiKey.

Add Checkget to your browser now!